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Great work starts with our
three pillars of teamwork

Teams are More Efficient with Automation

Automate team and innovation processes to boost efficiency.


Smart Bots elevate Boards beyond your run-of-the-mill project management toolkit. Configure bots to crawl for content, automatically list cards, and link boards to create complete workflows, freeing time and resources so teams can focus on what matters most.

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Good Influencers Grab Your Attention.

Great Influencers Inspire Action.

How do you harness the power of authentic, meaningful content in which teams will engage? Influencer scoring is the most effective way to engage and motivate teams because it captures the power of purposeful content, created by your teams, for your teams. Leverage this trusted, valuable, and unbiased grade to engage your people and accelerate teamwork and innovation.


When you create or share something and people respond, that's influence.

Influence score identifies what's driving action and innovation. Our trusted, proprietary index scoring of content and people provides an ecosystem for engagement and innovation.

Teams Deliver Innovation with The Right Tools


Accelerate your rate of innovation

With innovation features that spark the imagination, go from idea to product delivery and protected patent. Harness purpose-built productivity and creativity tools together into one powerful, people-focused innovation platform.

Teams Innovate and Solve Business Challenges

Innovation comes full-circle, from ideation to patent protection


Only Zillable allows you to accelerate, harvest, and protect innovation.

  • Crowdsource Ideas
  • Issue Challenges
  • Extract Inventions and Patents

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Unconnected Data is a Barrier to Innovation

Google uses Knowledge Graph behind-the-scenes to help Google improve its search relevancy. Zillable uses Knowledge Graph to capture, develop, and share ideas, work, skills, and workflow visually. Re-imagine how you work to innovate and inspire new thinking.

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