Make Work and Innovation Happen

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The world keeps asking you to add more and more apps - that's unsustainable. Cut your productivity and innovation apps down to one and get more work done.

Great work starts with our
three pillars of teamwork

You can communicate in agile workspaces

Use Spaces for transparent, real-time chat and video team communication.


You can manage effectively and simply

Use Boards as a fun, visual and flexible project management tool for process automation.

You can work together dynamically

Use Doc to increase productivity with real-time, simultaneous document collaboration.


Don't Let Shadow IT Put

Your Business At Risk

Did you know that the average company deploys 928 different apps? This means a million dark corners where your data security could be compromised. That's spooky! But with Zillable, all your documents and tools are secured in one place, making teamwork and everything safer and more efficient.

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Creativity Delivers Innovation and
Intellectual Property


Accelerate your rate of innovation

With innovation features that spark the imagination, go from idea to product delivery and protected patent. Harness purpose-built productivity and creativity tools together into one powerful, people-focused innovation platform.

You can innovate and solve business challenges

Innovation comes full-circle, from ideation to patent protection


Only Zillable allows you to accelerate, harvest, and protect innovation.

  • Crowdsource Ideas
  • Issue Challenges
  • Extract Inventions and Patents

Learn more about the Patent Factory.


Inspire New Thinking

Capture, develop, and share ideas, documents, skills, and workflows visually.

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Influence drives action

When you create or share something and people respond, that's influence.


Influence score identifies what's driving action and innovation. Our trusted, proprietary index scoring of content and people provides an ecosystem for engagement and innovation.

Meet the new, highly-adaptable members of your team... Zillable Smart Bots

Marshall your forces with the agility of highly configurable, flexible bots, adaptive to
any enterprise team or workflow.


Streamline and Simplify Processes - Fast!

Automate team and innovation processes to boost efficiency.


Smart Bots elevate Boards beyond your run-of-the-mill project management toolkit. Configure bots to crawl for content, automatically list cards, and link boards to create complete workflows, freeing time and resources so teams can focus on what matters most.

Learn more about Process Automation.

Enterprise-grade Workflows for Seamless Integration,
Security, and Compliance


Scale your collaboration and innovation network with categories, groups, security, and compliance, configurable down to an individual.

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Security & Safeguarding Data is Priority #1.

In addition to encryption at-rest and in-transist, Zillable provides:

  • Detailed Access Logs
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Single Sign On
  • Custom Data Retention Policies
  • Data Export
  • Legal Hold

Learn more about our Security Pratices


Legal & Regulatory Compliance Made Easy.

  • Set your data retention policy for network-wide or on a per-Space basis.
  • Export all communications and files subject to your retention policies for internal investigation, outside counsel or e-discovery.

You can work and innovate everywhere

Go mobile and pick up wherever you left off without compromising access to information or your data's security.

The spark of genius can come from anywhere, so Zillable stands at the ready everywhere - ready to capture your thoughts with fully native apps for iOS and Android. Everything is synced and secured.


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