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Two-Factor Authentication
Add an extra layer of security and ensure that you're the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password.
Custom Data Retention
Comply to policies and regulations and avoid risks with custom data retention, configurable for an individual member on a per-Space basis or across the entire network.
Unlimited Search
Advanced Search and a dedicated Conversation Search enable you to discover and instantly locate content or conversations across your private networks.
Unlimited Spaces
Make work and innovation happen with Spaces; a place for people to gather, share, suggest, solve, and innovate.
Unlimited Notebook
Never forget with Notebook, your personal digital assistant, keeping track of all your interests, content, notes, and tasks.
Unlimited Boards
Manage, organize, prioritize, and streamline your workflow, large and small, with lists and cards.
Unlimited Profile
As you collaborate and innovate, your profile dynamically grows, showcasing your latest achievements and talents.
Unlimited Integrations
Integrate Zillable with your favorite apps and expand the tools available to you!
Unlimited Devices
Sync your work on as many devices as you want and take Zillable everywhere.
Unlimited Customizations
It’s your network, customize it to reflect your requirements and promote your brand and personality.
Unlimited Restricted Accounts
Unleash open collaboration and innovation with restricted guest accounts for Open Spaces.
5GB of Storage per member
Generous storage to upload thousands of files to your network, even for the most prolific.
Single Sign On
Centralize the management of authentication and security with single sign on (SSO) integration and simply the log in process for your teams.
Priority Support
Get timely and no-hassle support from our friendly and highly-trained support team.

... and many more features and integrations coming soon!

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