Scale your collaboration and innovation network, with these enterprise-grade features.

Unlimited Ideas
Crowdsource and discover ideas from all sources – employees, clients and partners - to disrupt or improve your products and services.
Unlimited Publications
Share, promote, and engage your team with publications of papers, articles, and other work products.
Expand and engage your peoples’ skills to obtain suggestions and solutions to challenges facing your teams and customers. Do all of this while increasing the satisfaction of your teams.
Harvest the investments in your people and protect their hard work and creativity with invention disclosures. Increase the value of your team and company with protected intellectual property.
Leverage powerful graphic techniques to unlock the potential of connected minds, ideas, and all kinds of works. Or, create your own custom map and brainstorm.
Always match the best-suited collaborators to your spaces, boards, and projects with Skillmap. Recruit and form teams with the right skills for the right initiative.
Space Analytics
Get structured insights from conversations and collaboration efforts to drive business decisions.
Board Analytics
Measure performance, predict success and identify problems, and bottlenecks. Plan, organize, improve through actionable insights from your workflows.
At a glance, visually identify content activity or inactivity to steer conversations, organize, and sort.
Uncapped z-Score
Measure the reach and influence of content with z-Score and immediately understand how your ideas and publications are driving actions, conversations, and collaboration.
Legal Compliance
Fully comply with regulatory and legal requirements and requests with efficient, cost-effective, and forensically sound data retention, configurable down to an individual.
Resource Center
Get your team on the same page with the Resource Center. Create a knowledge management destination with FAQs, guidelines, explainers, and other content to help your teams collaborate and innovate better.
Unlimited Bots
Create smart bots to take care of every task for you - from alerts and reminders to automation of listing, moving and copying cards.
Board Map
Visualize even your largest and most complex projects with Board Maps. See how your Boards are interconnected with Linkbots, bringing greater flexibility and optimization possibilities as you automate all your workflows.
Network Economy
Game with purpose and create a self-sustaining and thriving ecosystem that incentivizes engagement, collaboration, and innovation through virtual and real goods that are meaningful and motivating.
Network Categories
Scale and maintain order with Categories to help your teams search, filter, and organize their Spaces and content.
Network Groups
Organize your people into groups that can represent departments, teams, or any organizational or hierarchical structure that best meets your company’s needs.
Network Analytics
Compare and measure performance and optimize your collaboration network and innovation initiatives based on analytical data organized in pre-made dashboards that can help you identify trends, influencers, and actionable insights.
24/7 Support
Your teams collaborate and innovate at all hours, so we’re here to support you at all hours.

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