A collaboration network for everyone

All the ideas and inspiration you'll ever need are right here.



Create a network for all your crowdsourced
innovation activities. Design thinking. Ideation.
Hackaton. Contests. Challenges.


Chat and engage in transparent
group communication.


Stay in touch and work together on projects no matter where you are. Keep everyone connected and collaborating in real-time with channel chat. Create a space channel for a project, topic, or team.

Private Channels

Use secure and private space channels to maintain confidentiality and privacy of sensitive information. Only those invited can see the content of private space channels.

Direct Messages

Communicate and collaborate with network members privately and securely through Direct Messaging and an organized inbox.


Organize and Remember Everything.


Whether it's a list or a draft, sticky your thoughts with notes and move them from inspiration to success.


Bookmark content, upload files, and organize them all in one central location. Books help you quickly recall vast amounts information from just about anywhere.

Tasks & Calendar

Turn conversation into actionable tasks and move work from start to finish.

File Sharing & Storage

Drag, drop, and share you files.


Messages, files, images, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets can all be dropped into Zillable and shared with anyone you choose.

Cloud Storage

Sync your Google drive, Dropbox, or Box files into Zillable. All synced, uploaded, or originally created content on Zillable can be searched, organized, and shared.

Powerful Search

Quickly find and go to anything - messages, files, ideas, publications, spaces.

Everything in Zillable is automatically indexed and archived so you can instantly go to anything with a single command. As you start typing a search term, Zillable will show you best matched results in real-time.

Notifications & Alerts

One word is enough to awaken an incredible world of possibilities.

If you have certain topics, phrases or key words that you want to track, Zillable can send you notifications when someone mentions a specific word or phrase.

Zillable Everywhere

Go mobile and pickup wherever you left off.

The spark of genius can come from anywhere so Zillable stands ready everywhere to capture your thoughts with fully native apps for iOS and Android. Everything is sync.

Crowdsource, engage, and

drive an innovation culture.

Innovation Accelerators

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Over 80% of the value of most businesses is derived from intangibles assets, which include innovation and inventions. It makes business sense to capture and harvest these values, which in turn can be used to defense and offense, raise money, sell your business, or attract financing. Use Zillable's Inventions feature to harvest innovations and inventions today!


Security & Safeguarding Data is Priority #1.

In additional to security at the infrastructure level, Zillable provides:

  • Detailed Access Logs
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Custom Data Retention Policies
  • Data Export
  • Legal Hold


Legal & Regulatory Compliance Made Easy.

Set your data retention policy for network-wide or on per-Space basis. Export all communications and files subject to your custom retention and deletion policies.

Zillable is free to use forever.

You can easily upgrade to our paid plans, which offers more
features and controls.

Inspire Meaningful Collaboration

Gamify collaboration and innovation to motivate, engage and create.

Through game mechanics of voting, following, collecting and clearing, enhanced by a customizable virtual economy, get deep collaboration and persistent engagement on Zillable and drive a thriving culture of collaboration and innovation. Gamify collaboration and motivate employee, partners, and customers to join, learn, and contribute in meaningful ways.

Built for Enterprise

Take Compliance to the next level with Legal Hold.

Selectively retain data for specific space or user (custodian) and export the data for internal investigation, outside counsel, or e-discovery. Avoid legal sanctions and e-discovery costs with an enterprise-grade app that is built to meet the needs of all stakeholders - IT, HR, and Legal.

The ultimate business app

Get stuff done.

Reduce internal emails. Get organized. Increase collaboration. Innovate faster. Zillable can make all of these happen in your organization with a suite of collaboration, note-taking, and innovation tools that are customizable to match the look and feel of your brand.

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The world moves fast.

Move faster with Zillable.

Get the ultimate business app today!

Zillable is the world's first secured collaboration and innovation app.

It's fast, easy and completely free.

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