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Tap Your Teams

Whether it’s employees, customers, or partners, don’t ignore your greatest competitive advantage – people. Make innovation engaging for everyone and simple to manage for your teams. Only Zillable allows you to accelerate, harvest, and protect innovation.
Disruptive Innovation

Unleash your ideas and revolutionize your technology, products, or services to reinvent the way business is done and be an industry leader.

Incremental Innovation

Generate ideas for process improvement and incremental innovations, boosting profits and your bottom-line.

Open Innovation

Invite your personal network to submit ideas. Through collaboration, capitalize on penetrating marketing insights and customer engagement.

Automation Increases Speed

Zillable gives you the tools to act on your ideas and create real growth. That means faster time to market and fewer people required to be hands-on. Take the reigns on innovation. Learn more about our Project Management Features.

Apply Crowd Science

Only Zillable uses data science and algorithms to enable the Crowd to select, predict, and advance the finest ideas. Reduce costs while cultivating superior products and services in less time from your business' pool of innovators.

Complete Lifecycle Protection

Protect the full lifecycle of innovation. - From messages, notes, ideas and inventions - Zillable guarantees your intellectual property is secure from start to finish.

Enterprise Scale and Security

Our platform is designed to be used across teams of any size, from 10 to 100,000 people – with the scalability, mobility, and security required in today’s enterprise environment.

Connect Minds and Skills

Pay Attention to Intangibles

They're more than 80% of your business' value

Companies face endless challenges capturing innovation and supervising intangible asset valuation and management. In fact, these non-tangible assets are over 80% of the average business’ value. That number is even higher for startups, where it can be used to raise money, sell, or attract investors.

Start Innovating, it’s free

Harvest and Protect Intellectual Property

The strength of a patent portfolio separates the good from the great and the acquisition targets from the long-term players.

Only Zillable can help you implement an efficient and cost-effective patent harvesting program — that is, an ongoing program that consistently generates valuable patent applications covering technologies of strategic importance.

Identify new products and new services innovations, from improvements to disruptive.
Harvest inventions and innovations that underlay and enable the new products and new services.
Coordinate the efficient preparation and filings of patent applications, with all stakeholders - inventors, searcher, patent attorneys, patent review committees, and executives.

Team Chat

Initiate employee engagement with team chat. Measure employee engagement and identify the top innovators at your company on your company’s most important imperative topics.

Solve Challenges

Solve a specific problem by creating Challenges. Zillable helps you clear project roadblocks by crowdsourcing different solutions across your technical workforce.

Optimize Everything

Need ideas for improvement? Effectively aggregate suggestions from teammates to identify the best strategy for all key decisions.

Discover a World of Ideas

Mental block? Access unlimited ideas from across your employees’ vast skills, experiences, and know-how to isolate the right idea for the challenge at hand.

Suggest and Get Suggestions

Ask for your networks’ input or give your own advice and take on any topic! Zillable is the only platform where you can crowdsource and implement ideas.

Act on Analytics

Monitor activities, track evolving trends, and take action! Gain the insight you need to make key decisions for your business.

Source Skills and People

Only the finest minds use Zillable. Collaborate with any designer, developer, programmer - you name it - to source any insight you need.

Connect the Dots

Create powerful maps to explore potential collaborators with the skills you need for all your initiatives.

Pitch Like a Shark

Get access to advanced challenges with the capabilities to manage your own shark tank. Use Challenge period limitation for time-limited events that are focused in scope and outcome.

Harvest Inventions

Gather all of the ideas your team can think of to foster original innovative inventions. Create patent portfolios to increase shareholder value and protect your investments.

Open Collaboration

Don’t box yourself into working in tiny groups. With Zillable, open collaboration, from inside and outside your teams, is encouraged so anyone can participate and add valuable insight to any project.

Link Workflows

Harvest. Search. Draft. Review. File. Each requires different workflows. Only Zillable allows you the flexibility to create your very own workflows!

Measure Influence

How valuable is the content you post? With Influence score, you can find out! Our Influence score is a numeric value given to your content to help distinguish its level of influence.

Incubate Anything

Develop opportunities by creating a space for nurturing, managing, and tracking the development of projects over time, away from the pressures of a business environment.

Remember Everything

Tired of wasting endless amounts of Post-it notes? With Zillable Notes, you can instantly jot down any important information, bookmark and save anything you need in the future, and ensure that your information is kept private and only with you - at all times.

Zillable is free to use for as long as you want.

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