Collaborative Mind Mapping

Capture, develop and share ideas, documents, skills, and workflows visually
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Leverage the insights from Map, a Zillable visual tool that helps structure, analyze, discern, and recall information, inspiring new thinking. Only Zillable provides a powerful graphic canvas to draw connections between information - from Notes to Tasks, Spaces to Boards, Ideas to Inventions, and the people and their skills across your network.


Share MindMaps with your teams and collaborate with them. Bring everyone from your dispersed team onto the same page. Share Maps with externals, freelancers or clients. Invite colleagues to give feedback and contribute to your planning process.

Mind Map

Give your ideas a place to live and thrive! Visualize the correlation between your thoughts and creativity and the people in your network. With MindMap, you can experience a deeper level of collaboration by understanding what others are thinking and your relation to those ideas.

Skill Map

Say “goodbye” to ineffective networking strategies. With Skill Map, you can identify unique skillsets and build alliances with thought leaders, experts, and like-minded individuals! Developing real, working relationships has never been more fun or productive.

Board Map

Get a better understanding of how your tasks and projects relate to each other. Forget those cumbersome Post-its and whiteboards - BoardMaps are an insightful visualization tool suited for the fast-paced century in which we live. Your workflows just became more efficient.

Map Uses

The application possibilities of Zillable Maps are endless. Teams employ MindMaps for ideation, planning, and collaborating. Some use Maps to visualize complex problems and drive engagement. Others use SkillMaps to create, plan, and develop teams and skills. BoardMaps transform your visual canvas into highly productive and streamlined workflows, no matter the project’s complexity.

Map for Project Management

Developing innovative ideas, however, is only the first step. To stay ahead, your team needs a solution that efficiently structures project information, bringing all team members onto the same page and enabling them to seamlessly go from ideation to execution.

Actionable Insights and Analytics

Your team diligently moves Post-it notes and cards everyday. But did the cards move quickly and efficiently? Get actionable insights to help you not only deliver quality work ahead of schedule, but to also continuously improve your process.

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