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What is the Patent Factory?

Imagine a patent-creation machine where materials, comprising of ideas, thoughts, and inventions enter one side, and finished intellectual property - your company’s patents - flow out the other side. This machine exists - it’s Zillable.

A unified innovation-on-demand and intellectual property creation and protection solution.

Connected Technologies

Our devices are connected. Why not our apps? Connected apps can improve efficiency and team operation. All the critical apps that your teams rely on are connected under a single platform.

Connected Workflows

All IP tasks and workflows are aligned & connected across the Idea lifecycle, from innovation and idea management, through search services, drafting, and filing.

Connected People

Empowering your teams and ALL stakeholders with the same updated view, every user can connect to the platform via single-sign-on, accessing the latest version of any IP portfolio review, analysis or updates. Have confidence that you are all on the same page.

Apply Crowd Science

Only Zillable uses data science and algorithms to enable the Crowd to select, predict, and advance the finest ideas. Reduce costs while cultivating superior products and services in less time from your business’ pool of innovators.

Complete Lifecycle Protection

Protect the full lifecycle of innovation - from messages, Notes, Ideas and Inventions - Zillable guarantees your intellectual property is secure from start to finish.

Invention Disclosure Form

Harvest inventions for patenting

Our invention disclosure form provides in-depth, systematic guidance to improve disclosure quality. Invention Disclosure Forms can contain electronic documents, such as: designs, electronic notes, and prior art as attachments or links, as well as references to other content on your network.

Turn-Key IP Operation

Create your patent factory with smart bots

Idea Generation

Naturally generate ideas through the normal course of team collaboration. Rush job? Start a Challenge to solicit ideas, solutions, and inventions. Sort and select ideas using a Board and then link it to the next Board.

Invention Harvest

Give your teams a convenient way to upgrade their ideas to inventions and tie-in to projects they are working on or sharing. Receive ideas and inventions from other Boards.

Patentability Search

Turn a Board into a 24/7 search form request and create a process to make search part of your Patent Factory.

Committee Review

Review Inventions and search results with confidence (and in private), selecting the best value for your patent portfolio. Link your selections to other Boards to advance to the next process.

Application Drafting

Collaborate directly with the inventors and outside counsels through Spaces and Boards to distribute, review, and finalize work products.

File and Prosecute

File, Prosecute, and Foreign File - all can be managed using Zillable’s flexible project management tools.

License for Profit

Whether your portfolio is a shield or a sword, use Zillable to crowdsource competitive intelligence so you can make the right strategic decision at the right time.

Create a Free Mass IP Production Ecosystem

Start Your Patent Factory
It’s Free!


Develop your ideas from concept to physical product. Making your thoughts come to life has never been easier.


Create and publish documentation instantly.


Ask your team any question and get the answers you need for decision-making.


Solve problems in a new way by creating Challenges for your employees.


Provide valuable input by answering challenges with your solutions.


Only the best ideas can be transformed into inventions - if your idea is cost-efficient and solves a pressing need, you might have an invention on your hands.


Communicate with people in your network or team seamlessly. Stop getting bombarded with emails.


Make your workflows more efficient with our Kanban-style boards. Complete your projects before their deadlines.

Open Collaboration

With Zillable, collaboration is encouraged and open to anyone!


Mindmap takes your ideas to the next level by connecting them to similar ones in your network.


Let our bots handle your mundane work. You’ll now have the time you always wished you had.


Obtain real-time analytics with Zillable and take action!


Track the status of the invention - from draft to submission to approval - and launch.


Get your team back on track and organize tasks, projects, messages, and documentation - all on one platform.


Work at lightning-fast speeds by utilizing everything Zillable has to offer.

Improve Return on Innovation & IP Investment

Focus on Ideas that will Create Value

As an innovation leader, you are under even more pressure to focus on those ideas that add value and research and development programs that will yield the greatest returns. Taken together, this means better connected management of search and analytic workflows are critical. Focus on the R&D that matters and take a clearer view of your entire IP activity.

Repurpose Investment & Resources

Automation of mind-numbing manual tasks saves hours, days, even weeks of your valuable time. Freeing-up human and financial resources to be repurposed for those tasks creates value for your company.

Optimize The Value of IP Portfolios

With a clearer and updated view of all IP activity, senior managers can utilize insights to make better-informed decisions on: acquisition, merger, litigation, sale, and licensing of their IP portfolios, and in turn, creates more value and delivers better returns on the company’s investment in innovation and IP.

Make Better, Faster IP Decisions

IP is the world’s most valuable business asset and contributes 80% of all corporate value. It represents human creativity, the unique, game-changing inventions and the investment of billions of dollars by companies all over the globe. Decisions must be made across the entire lifecycle of an idea. Only Zillable helps you to become better-informed, connecting you to the right information at the right time so you can focus your efforts and investment into the ideas and innovation that create the greatest value.

Boost Production with Map

Leverage the insights from Map, a Zillable visual tool that helps structure, analyze, discern, and recall information, inspiring new thinking. Only Zillable provides a powerful graphic canvas to draw connections between Ideas, Inventions, and the people and their skills across your network. Share MindMaps with your teams and collaborate on portfolio creation, trimming or licensing. Bring everyone from your dispersed team onto the same page.

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