More than a suite of collaboration tools – Zillable is an innovation powerhouse

Zillable helps your teams do a lot more than just communicate and collaborate. We accelerate innovation! Zillable has everything you’d expect from the world’s richest collaboration and innovation app, including:

Idea Generation

Maximize the pool of ideas to push the boundary of what’s possible. Your employees, clients, partners, and fans are all valuable sources for ideas. Crowdsource and discover ideas from every avenue, either individually, one-on-one, or as a team.

Share Knowledge

Empower your people through sharing and promoting all manner of publications, including: papers, articles, and white papers.

Solve Problems

Identify solutions to pressing challenges. Boost the satisfaction and loyalty of your teams as you utilize and engage their skills to problem-solve client issues and strategize how to achieve company objectives.

Optimize Workflows

Streamline how your team interacts and innovates with a bevy of organizational and time-management features, from efficiently delegating tasks to improving board performance based on actionable insights in your workflows.

Capture Inventions

Increase the value of your teams and company through the protection of intellectual property. Intuitive and easy to fill out, invention disclosure forms assist you in harvesting and growing your patent portfolio.

Multiple Your Forces

Jettison your workforce into the next century with automated bots, a force multiplier to relieve your people of the hassles of mundane tasks so they can focus on delivering value to your company. Save and optimize tborime with Alert Bot, Chat Bot, List Bot, Link Bot and more.

Space Analytics

We built analytics and insights right into our collaboration Spaces. What are people thinking? Who are the thought leaders? What is a next big innovation and where is it coming from?

Board Analytics

Instantly see the numbers behind the cards. Do more than just manage tasks and projects. Our Board Analytics allows you to visual the flows of your board and provide key metrics that can be used to improve your work process.

Team Analytics

Compare and measure performance while optimizing your collaboration network and innovation initiatives based on analytical data. All data is organized in pre-made dashboards that assist you in identifying trends, influencers, and actionable insights.

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