Collaboration for Good

Why Zillable?

Zillable is a collaboration and note-taking app, rolled up into one. Plus, it’s free!

Apply your own brand and style

Customize the look and feel of Zillable to match your organization’s brand, image, and trademark.


We’ve created a network that is as flexible and unique as your organization. Enjoy full control over all your data. You have reign over how you want the features to work for you and your nonprofit.

Easy to use

There isn’t a learning curve with Zillable. No training is required because Zillable has adapted all the social networking and productivity tools you’re already familiar with into one platform.

Customizable security

Set the security level appropriate for your organization. Choose who reads what; your network is as public or private as you need it to be.

Go mobile

If you have boots on the ground, download our free iOS and Android apps to support your volunteer force. Get updates and engage from anywhere.

Instant sharing

Share any documents, ideas, posts or tasks instantly. You’ll never lose or forget about any important information ever again. Stay in the moment with Zillable.