Great Companies Motivate and Make their Employees Happy

Zillable is the hub for engagement – the jumping off point where your workforce feels empowered and unites. Top-down, Zillable accelerates collaboration and innovation among your teams, as well as the knowledge management of your company. Zillable is designed to be the glue to your organization - connecting people and retaining top talent.

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Engage and Retain Top Talent with a People-Centric Workplace

Engage your Employees
Employees are more productive when they’re part of the bigger picture. With Zillable, it’s easy to align people with your culture and strategic objectives.
Keep Dialogue Transparent
Keep everyone in-the-loop with a company-wide platform that lets you easily share news, knowledge, and guidance – all in one place.
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Enable Self-Service HR

Free up time by letting employees find information for themselves — whether it’s company policies, benefits information, or training materials.

Bring out the Best with a Responsive Network


Bring new hires up to speed by immersing them in your company culture and giving them an overview of what’s going on from day one.


Zillable unleashes knowledge-sharing and mentoring. Every moment becomes a teaching moment, supplementing formal training with continuous on-the-job learning.


Zillable nurtures a positive, high-performance culture by making feedback, recognition, and encouragement a part of everyday work


Zillable makes collaboration fast, frictionless, and fun - both in the office and on the go. People get more done and love what they're doing.


Zillable breaks down barriers and hierarchies, turning disconnected organizations into cohesive teams where everyone contributes and has a voice.


Zillable energizes corporate communications, opening up a breezy channel for dialogue, ensuring everyone shares your company's vision.

Transform your workplace with an engaging environment

As an HR professional, you’re in charge with protecting the most important business asset - People. Zillable helps HR transform employees’ experiences through a next-generation workplace collaboration suite.

Features At-a-Glance

Give employees a tool they’ll actually use and you’ll save time, money, and resources for your department and the entire company.

Create all conversations in Space channels. Anyone can dedicate specific Space channels for projects, topics, or teams!

Say “goodbye” to standard email and “hello” to centralized Channel Email! Your company will no longer lose messages in email threads or third party platforms.

Use secure and private Space channels to maintain confidentiality and secure sensitive information.

Utilize Kanban-style boards to seamlessly complete tasks and projectsー no matter the workflow.

Reduce Post-its waste and create virtual cards to visualize what stage projects are in. Team members can also get real-time updates on other’s work.

Wish you could automate your hum-drum assignments? Now you can. Our smart bots will take care of moving cards and fetching content so you can zero-in on the real work.

Too many requests, tasks or projects to remember? No worries. With Notebook, employees can set individual reminders to get themselves back on track at anytime.

Keep track of all the content being shared across the network by bookmarking articles, papers, or links.

Never lose anything important ever again with the Notebook a.k.a your new virtual assistant! Store an unlimited amount of resources and still be organized.

Encourage your company to create their own profiles to stand out from the crowd! Showing their networks what they’re really capable of is an opportunity they can’t afford to pass up.

Tired of emailing resumes everywhere? Employees can now distinguish themselves by ditching the conventional resume and moving forward with Zillable resumes! Include your knowledgebase, skillsets, and the different projects and teams you’ve been a part of.

Employees can also give and receive reviews! Have you ever worked with a standout guy? Or perhaps you feel especially proud of a project you completed? With Zillable, anyone can ask for reviews on their profiles, or give them out themselves!

No one on your team will ever have to put themselves through boring and embarrassing networking tactics again.

When teams use SkillMap, they can identify unique skillsets and build alliances with creatives, intellectuals, and specialists!

Source insight for any of your projects and from anyone in your personal network. Utilizing different skills across the board is crucial for adding originality to your work.

Promote a Collaborative, Unified Culture

Empower collaboration across different departments, teams, and geographical locations to drive performance. Provide employees with single-point access to essential HR tools, information, and policies and simplify your processes.

Zillable for HR

Renew Employee Experience

Building a sustainable, high-performance culture requires cross-functional alignment, effective communications, and a commitment to the 360-degree employee experience. Zillable is the right tool for this job.

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