Upgrade and Modernize Your Intranet

Replace your outdated intranet and drive collaboration across the entire Enterprise. Zillable goes beyond social, focusing on the real tech needs of your people. Our simple approach helps IT leaders create vibrant communities, connect employees, enable teamwork, and accelerate innovation. Upgrade your enterprise social network to an Enterprise Collaboration Network.

Align your Teams

Imagine a new kind of intranet that energizes your workplace. Share stories and celebrate successes.

Enable your Teams

Great organizations ensure each employee has the help, information, and context they need to work efficiently.

Simple & turnkey

Zillable is turnkey, cloud-based, and easy to deploy. Elegant, usable, secure, and affordable. Deploy in a few minutes without consuming IT resources.

Team Communication
When teams can't communicate effectively, it limits an organization's ability to grow revenue, collaborate, innovate, and identify go-getters. Bring all forms of communications together in one place, with real-time messaging, conversation search, and archiving for teams of all sizes.
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Project Management
Zillable's Boards give your teams the freedom to map out workflows, no matter their work process. Only Zillable allows you to link your Boards, creating simple to complex workflows and business processes.
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Innovation Management
Whether it's employees, customers, or partners, don't ignore your greatest competitive advantage – people. Make innovation engaging for everyone and accelerate, harvest, and protect innovation.
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Where can Zillable Help?

Here are just a few ways we provide immediate value to your Enterprise:

Company Communications
Engage, inform, and strategically align your workforce.
Unify Employee Experience
Provide a single place to collaborate on the most common tasks, no matter where they're stored.
Employee Onboarding
Get new hires up to speed in record time while slashing training costs.
HR Resource Center
One-stop shop for all things HR: policies and benefits info, self-help, Q&A.
Employee Support
Fast, high-quality employee service that unburdens staff and cuts costs.
Sales Enablement
Keep reps prepped and ready to sell with sales tools, experts, and info.
Deliver Self-Service
Empower teams and departments with ready-to-run, flexible Spaces or create their own without IT support.
Reduce Help Desk Costs
Simplify support and cut costs by providing employees with easy-to-use IT self-help and peer-based assistance on par with the best online customer support.
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Stay Connected Everywhere

Go mobile and pick up wherever you left off.

Easy Up and On

Configure a next-generation collaboration network - not in weeks or months, but minutes. Deploy it right out of the cloud. Get immediate value and ROI. Learn more about our Plans .

Security and Compliance

Here are few ways we make IT departments shine:

In addition to Access Logs, Zillable allows two-factor authentication (2FA) and SAML-based single sign-on (SSO), which gives your teams access to Zillable through an identity provider (IDP) of your choice. With SAML, IT departments have full control over the authorization and authentication of Zillable user accounts.
Our Compliance Data Export is built for organizations that do business in regulated industries or have legal obligations to archive data. Easily access the entire network’s data history, including private Space data and direct messages. Compliance Data Export includes communications and files from private Spaces, direct messages, and Notebook and includes message edits and deletion history.
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Features and Capabilities

Checklist these amazing features, satisfying all needs within the entire Enterprise.


Stay connected, reduce email correspondence, and build a more agile team with a transparent, real-time chat channel.


Work together effortlessly with Kanban boards, lists, and cards for new tasks or stuff you’re already working on.


Manage and track all your interests, content, notes, and tasks so you can effectively remember everything with little effort.


Mindmap people and skills, Ideas and documents, and even workflows with a visual map.


Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s trending with an up-to-the-minute news feed of your network.


Brand yourself and show everyone what you can do.


Browse through a catalog of amazing Spaces, Boards, Ideas, Publications, Inventions, Challenges, and Polls provided by your teams.


Leverage the playful power of cards and easily browse through amazing collections.


Personalize the look and feel of your network and establish your brand’s voice.


Drag, drop, and share your files.


Sync your Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box files into Zillable.


Send emails to channel chat for posting and save time.


Build a liquid network of ideas, recognize trends, and innovate faster.


Publish documents and author articles to establish your presence and build a following of fellow-proactives


Suggest solutions and solve problems while fostering engagement, creativity, and work satisfaction among your teams.


Harvest inventions for your patent portfolio, ensuring your peoples' hard work and creativity are celebrated.


Get live responses from a captive audience - your teammates, partners, or customers.


Capture, search, and share Notes for immediate collaboration or future reference.


Bookmark memorable conversations or your favorite content and Boards to privately organize or share.


Improve work efficiency and manage projects, to-dos, and tasks by posting in chat channel and Boards.


Gain insight on data for fact-based decision making.


Quickly and easily find messages, files, ideas, publications, Spaces, and people with the skillsets you need.


Create an unlimited number of customizable alerts based on topics, phrases, or keywords.


Save time and clear your schedule by using smart bots to automatically list cards and link Boards to create workflows.


Add a reminder to address anything at the right time for you.


All data are synchronized across desktop, mobile, and web apps.


With checklists and due dates, you won’t miss important tasks, upcoming dates, or action items.


Bring clients, vendors, and other collaborators into a Space channel chat.


Quantify the reach and influence of all content in your network with Influence score.


Reach anyone you need with a simple @.


Mark important posts for everyone.


Engage with your team in a fun wayーmore than likes.


Simplify your communication with personal or network groups and reach an entire team.


View everyone in your personal network at-a-glance.


Give and receive personal reviews to boost trust and credibility.


Rate ideas to give feedback and promote only the best visions.

Looking for a SharePoint alternative that is lower cost and more engaging?

With SharePoint, you’re not just paying for the software, you’re paying for consultants, extra services, implementation, logistics, and training. You can skip the headaches and costs with Zillable. All the support and updates? We do it for you.