Zillable for Customer Engagement

Marketing needs to get personal, so Zillable lets you engage directly and authentically – whether you're connecting with 10 or 10,000 customers. From product discovery and research through purchasing and post-sales support, Zillable communities provide a digital hub for your customers' journeys, delivering great experiences to drive loyalty and brand advocacy.
Drive inbound traffic, grow your pipeline

Make your community the destination for information on your products and market. Social content syndication increase visibility and reach.

Delight customers with stellar support

Provide self-service and peer-to-peer assistance that resolves issues fast and delights customers while deflecting cases.

Speed buying decisions

Move prospects from "why" to "buy" in record time with rapid answers, peer recommendations, and rich content.

Analyze and optimize

Identify your influencers, track trends, and optimize your community for engagement and advocacy with best-in-class analytics.

Engage and enable partners

Zillable is the ultimate platform for partner communities, improving every stage of the lifecycle from onboarding to enablement.

Accelerate innovation

Crowdsource ideas for your next generation of products. Invite your best experts and advocates to provide feedback on products and propose ideas directly within the community.

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Get real-time visibility into everything your team is working on

Use Boards to track project and team performance or Board Analytics to see who has bandwidth for the next project and fine tune your processes.

Coordinate Across Teams

Break down team silos. Set up workflows for projects to notify task owners when they should begin work. Reduce miscommunication and mistakes when everyone has transparency of responsibilities.

Develop Campaign Assets

The campaign development process requires collaboration and teamwork. Live editing, threaded comments, document sharing, and versioning simplifies collaboration and reduces rework.

Manage Events and Launches

Deliver marketing programs on time with less stress. Get plans out of your head so you don't lose track. For your next campaign, duplicate the template and you're ready to go.

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Manage Events and Launches

Engage your customers on a genuine, authentic level with a highly interactive experience. Listen and capture customers' expectations, preferences, and aversions.

Zillable is your campaign command center

Coordinate across marketing teams, from campaign managers and social media, to content writers and creative design. Get to market faster with real-time messaging and file sharing.

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Stay connected, reduce email correspondence, and build a more agile team with a transparent, real-time chat channel.


Work together effortlessly with Kanban boards, lists, and cards for new tasks or stuff you’re already working on.


Manage and track all your interests, content, notes, and tasks so you can effectively remember everything with little effort.


Mindmap people and skills, Ideas and documents, and even workflows with a visual map.


Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s trending with an up-to-the-minute news feed of your network.


Brand yourself and show everyone what you can do.


Browse through a catalog of amazing Spaces, Boards, Ideas, Publications, Inventions, Challenges, and Polls provided by your teams.


Leverage the playful power of cards and easily browse through amazing collections.


Personalize the look and feel of your network and establish your brand’s voice.


Drag, drop, and share your files.


Sync your Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box files into Zillable.


Send emails to channel chat for posting and save time.


Build a liquid network of ideas, recognize trends, and innovate faster.


Publish documents and author articles to establish your presence and build a following of fellow-proactives


Suggest solutions and solve problems while fostering engagement, creativity, and work satisfaction among your teams.


Harvest inventions for your patent portfolio, ensuring your peoples' hard work and creativity are celebrated.


Get live responses from a captive audience - your teammates, partners, or customers.


Capture, search, and share Notes for immediate collaboration or future reference.


Bookmark memorable conversations or your favorite content and Boards to privately organize or share.


Improve work efficiency and manage projects, to-dos, and tasks by posting in chat channel and Boards.


Gain insight on data for fact-based decision making.


Quickly and easily find messages, files, ideas, publications, Spaces, and people with the skillsets you need.


Create an unlimited number of customizable alerts based on topics, phrases, or keywords.


Save time and clear your schedule by using smart bots to automatically list cards and link Boards to create workflows.


Add a reminder to address anything at the right time for you.


All data are synchronized across desktop, mobile, and web apps.


With checklists and due dates, you won’t miss important tasks, upcoming dates, or action items.


Bring clients, vendors, and other collaborators into a Space channel chat.


Quantify the reach and influence of all content in your network with Influence score.


Reach anyone you need with a simple @.


Mark important posts for everyone.


Engage with your team in a fun wayーmore than likes.


Simplify your communication with personal or network groups and reach an entire team.


View everyone in your personal network at-a-glance.


Give and receive personal reviews to boost trust and credibility.


Rate ideas to give feedback and promote only the best visions.

Interactive Analytics Provides Insights

Do you know what your team accomplished in the past week, month, or even year? Gain insights with Space and Board analytics. Interact with the data to see individual or overall performance.

Zillable is free for an unlimited number of users - and as long as you want.

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