Team Chat

Bring all forms of communications together in one place, with: real-time messaging, conversation search, and archiving for teams of all sizes. Organize your teams’ conversations in Space channels. Use secure and private Space channels to maintain confidentiality and secure sensitive information.

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Agile Boards

Since every team has requirements unique to how they work, it's crucial to incorporate only the tools adaptable to your teams’ workflows. Zillable’s Kanban-style Boards give your teams the freedom to map out workflows, no matter how they work. Only Zillable allows you to link your Boards, creating simple to complex workflows and business processes.

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Make Work Easier with Smart Bots

Work more efficient hours by using smart bots to automatically list cards and link Boards to create a workflow for any sized process. Build bots to crawl and fetch content or move cards so you can focus on creating real value for your team. Our bots can rescue you from drowning in your repetitive processes

Innovate and Solve Business Challenges

Drive transformation, accelerate innovation, and protect your intellectual property. Make innovation engaging for everyone and simple to manage for your teams. Only Zillable allows you to accelerate, harvest, and protect innovation.

Apply Crowd Science

Only Zillable uses data science and algorithms to enable the Crowd to select, predict, and advance the finest ideas. Reduce costs while cultivating superior products and services in a fraction of the time.

Complete IP Protection

Protect the full lifecycle of innovation, - from messages, Notes, Ideas and Inventions - your intellectual property is protected from start to finish.

Connect Minds, Skills, and Boards

We know your teams are innovative, that’s why we give you the tools to push beyond any boundary.

Mind and SkillMaps

Connect and form powerful relationships and patterns between talented individuals and content to maximize your resources while channeling your efforts more efficiently. Create powerful Maps to explore and collaborate with the intelligent people you need to successfully roll out your initiatives.

Board Map

See how your Boards are linked together and create Linkbots to automate your workflows. You can seamlessly plan and execute basic to highly complex, interconnected workflows.

Map Board and Space

Map your Boards or Spaces to see how virtually everything is connected. Visualize the correlation between Tasks, Notes, or Ideas. All of your content is now easy to see from start to finish.

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Managing Development from Start to FinishーSimplified

Manage and Deliver Products Efficiently

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All the right features

Every must-have feature for your agile product teams.

Security and Privacy

Security is #1. Zillable's secure conversations are transferred in 256-bit SSL encryption – the same security protocol as online banks.

Team Chat Spaces

Create team chat Spaces for projects, teams, clients, and important discussions - like the best foodie reccos for lunch! When you're finished with a team chat Space, just archive it.

Drag and Drop File Sharing

Grab and share files from your desktop, cloud storage, email, or anywhere. You can even email a file into chat.

Searchable Chat

Every chat is searchable by keyword, including: text, links, files, and more. If it's discussed in Zillable, it's saved and searchable.

Secure Guest Access

Bring clients, vendors, and other collaborators into a Space channel chat. They'll only see what you want them to see. You have complete control.

Tied to Emails

Chances are you still need email. Zillable enables emails to be sent to Space channels for posting. For example, forward a blog or other feeds that you subscribe to and start a conversation - all under one roof.

Fully Customizable

Personalize the look and feel of your team Network. Set notification preferences, change your theme, and modify how chats look. Branding is key.

Persistent Messaging

Zillable synchronizes across desktop, mobile, and web apps. That means conversations are never lost when you switch devices.

Threaded Conversations

Keep responses connected to the original conversation or file. Reduce the number of new posts and keep your chat organized with replies, comments, and threads.

Get Stuff Done

Close the loop on important project conversations and complete all duties, quickly and effortlessly, with Task postings.

On-the-spot Feedback

Get live responses from a captive audience - your teammates, partners, or customers. Let them know that their opinion matters. Zillable Polls let you check in any time you want.

Actionable Insights

Identify trends, reach top people, and gain influence to improve your teams. Get insights into how your teams are collaborating.

Teamwork that Delivers

Visual task Boards bring clarity to teams, aligning everyone towards a common goal. Finally achieve your vision of a happy, results-driven team.

Organize, Prioritize Thoughts

Notes stick with you. Information converted into Notes are less likely to be forgotten. Convert Notes into cards that are prioritized and organized.

Systematic Evaluation

Aggregate content, such as ideas and documents into cards and see how a burst of information can help drive systematized evaluation of your content.

Solutions for Product Driven People

Obsessed with productivity? We are too. That’s why we created Zillable with result-driven teams in mind.

Maximize Productivity
Get more done in less time. Each of our tools were created to solve your team’s pain points. Get everything you need in one place.
Innovation First
We’re proud to say that Zillable is the first platform focused on accelerating innovation. Marketing in the year we live in requires forward thinkingーand we equip you for just that.
Efficient Workflows
In order to grow and scale your business, you need to start with a solid foundation. Creating efficient workflows maximizes productivity at optimal speed.

All Things Product Development

Simplify product development, connect all teams to live data, accelerate decisions & mitigate risk.


Get access to over 15 different Kanban-style Boards and seamlessly piece together the various tasks that make up your projects.


Prepare and distribute your meeting agenda, create presentations, and assign tasks all with just one MindMap.


Open collaboration is key for success. Get input from anyone inside or outside your team, and add valuable insight to any project.


Want to automate work? Our bots can take care of your mundane tasks. They fetch content and move cards so you have more time to concentrate on real work


With MindMap, you can brainstorm new ideas and spark brand new solutions, tasks or projects with your team and even solo.


Create team chat Spaces for your projects and teams. Keep communication in one place and say “goodbye” to all the external tools you’re currently using.


Transform ideas into inventions. With Zillable, you can pinpoint the most amazing ideas and bring them to life.


Develop opportunities by creating a space for nurturing and managing the development of projectsーfrom concept to completion.


Collaborate with the right people with the right skills. Leveraging unique insight has never been easier.

Zillable for R&D Teams

Zillable is a comprehensive suite of agile collaboration and innovation tools. Solve your product challenges and accelerate innovation. Learn more about our Plans