A collaboration app for

Zillable is free to use for an unlimited number of people.

Suite of Collaboration and Innovation tools

It's time to stop switching apps and deploy a suite of collaboration and innovation tools for your most demanding projects. Zillable gives you one place with everything you need to get your job done. It works wherever you do, with amazing mobile apps that keep you synced on the go. And it’s social user interface is incredibly easy for anyone to pick up. Zillable solves real business challenges and accelerates innovation, delivering massive value from day one.

Go beyond sharing files

The foundation of Zillable is the tying of your team's conversations together with images, tasks, files, notes and more - all on one simple user experience and easy-to-use interface. Collaboration can eliminate up to 75% of time employees waste looking up information, scheduling meetings and needlessly duplicating communications.

Email was collaboration 1.0.

Zillable is collaboration 2.0

for the next century.

Zillable helps businesses operate better and faster by reducing the load of email interaction and information research.

% of Average Workweek


of the time on managing e-mails


of time looking for internal data or finding colleagues who can help with specific tasks


of the time could be saved with efficient information management

Get on the innovation train

Zillable helps your teams do a lot more than just communicate and collaborate. We accelerate innovation! Zillable has everything you’d expect from the world’s richest collaboration and innovation app, including:


Brainstorm 24/7, individually or together as a team.


From work documents to policies, specifications to brochures, transfer knowledge throughout the company.


Expand and engage the skills of your teams, find solutions with Challenges, and make everyone happy without using costly tricks and perks.


Streamline how your teams interact with the features and tools on Zillable.


Establish data-driven goals and award key contributors with built-in analytics and insights.


With over 80% of the value of most businesses derived from intangibles assets, it makes business sense to capture, harvest and capitalize on your intellectual property.

Collaboration and Innovation are positively correlated.

Innovation drives business success.

Businesses that invest in innovation are:

  46% more likely to increase profitability

  31% more likely to increase income

  2X more likely to increase productivity

  3X more likely to increase and enhance products/services

The thing is,
Zillable actually works ...

80% of innovations were sparked by someone whose primary expertise is outside the field of the innovation breakthrough.

When innovating, it helps to draw on different skills, expertise and diverse crowds.

Zillable helps your organization generate lots of ideas to find the best of the best. Ask questions, pose challenges, be curious, and see how convergent thinking immediately goes to work for you.

Enterprise-grade Security & Compliance

The protection of customer information, including security, privacy and compliance, is of the utmost importance to Zillable.

For added security, Zillable allows enablement of two-factor authentication (2FA). With 2FA , only your members can log into your Zillable network, even if their passwords are compromised or stolen.

The highest security risk to any system is usually the behavior of its users. Network administrators can review consolidated access logs for the whole network.

We are extra vigilant in protecting our user account system. Our password system is encoded with SHA-256 + secret key + salted password hashing.

Zillable uses 256-bit encryption for traffic in both directions.

We regard the information you share within your Zillable network as private and confidential to your network. We place strict controls, ensuring that your data is never seen by anyone who should not see it.

All stakeholders are happy -
IT, HR, and legal

Take Compliance to the next level with Legal Hold.

Zillable provides companies who have regulatory and legal requirements to preserve communications and data the abilities to retain the original data, edit logs, and even exercise legal hold on certain data or users. Selectively retain compliance-level data for a specific space or user (custodian) and export the data for internal investigation, outside counsel, or e-discovery. Avoid the pitfalls of e-discovery and legal sanctions and save hundreds of thousands in legal and compliance costs and on third party solutions.

Ready to give it a try?

Install a collaborative economy inside your organization with Zillable.

Increase employee engagement and harvest innovations today!

Zillable is free to use for an unlimited number of people.

A network of networks

If you can dream it, you can build it.
The possibilities are endless.

  Centralized collaboration & innovation network for all employees

  A dedicated network for a location or project

  A partner network to manage your global channels

  Collaborate with others from other networks with open space

  Provide guest and restricted access to your network

  Create a customer network to build brand loyalty and obtain feedback

Open Spaces

Voice of the Customer

Create an Open Space to capture your customer's expectations, preferences and aversions. Lead the discussion and focus on the customer's' experiences with current products or alternatives within the category under consideration. Capture the requirements/feedback from the customer to provide the customers with the best in class service/product quality. Direct discussion or interviews, surveys, focus groups, customer specifications, and observations to identify the quality attributes needed for a successful product.

Boost Collaboration with Gamification

The Achilles’ heel of any collaboration platform is getting people to use it.

With Zillable’s Virtual Economy game center, you can:

  • Motivate employees to make collaboration as part of their daily workflow with virtual currencies that can be redeemed for items.

  • Create and customize the items in your virtual economy (movie tickets, dinner with the CEO, a day off, etc.).

  • Reward creativity and behaviors that have the most impact on your business goals (reward solutions to Challenges, etc.).

  • Incent high-performing members with recognition or physical and virtual rewards.

  • Gain insight into what motivates your employees and keep them happy and engaged.