Freedom to Learn,
Research and Publish.

Zillable provides an intuitive, innovative platform where
educators, students, and researchers have total
freedom to collaborate
, learn, research, share, and publish works of all kind.

Your Own School Network

Create an innovative school-branded network that facilitates open collaboration, learning, and research.

Cooperative Learning

Students team together to explore and discover topics, interests, or projects. Imagine a group of students conversing on lecture notes, or student bodies and associations collaboration cross- campus with students from other schools. The possibilities are endless!

Who are your aspiring thought leaders?

Collaborative Research

University researchers, community-based organizations, and commercial enterprises working together to frame the problems to be tackled, undertake collaborative research, and disseminate the findings, commercialize innovations, or advocate for change.

Cross-department, cross-campus, and even cross-network collaboration – all in one place at Zillable.

Spaces Extend the Classroom

Learning is not done once you leave the classroom. Use Zillable Spaces to extend the learning environment beyond traditional walls and blackboards. Connect and interact with teachers and other students using a familiar form of communication, but with an added touch of innovation.

Teaching Materials

Share ideas, notes, and other resources among other educators and students. Discuss upcoming events or plans, facilitate staff meetings, and even plan the next big school function all in one place.

Freedom to Publish

Say no to publication reviews. Say yes to crowd reviews. Say no to censorship. Say yes to freedom of expression.

Don’t let 'publish or perish' control you. Take complete control of your academic career and destiny with Zillable Publications.

Technology Transfer

Transfer or license knowledge, research, and technology to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit it into new products, processes, applications, materials, or services.

Partner and collaborate with other institutions or enterprises to innovate faster and better.

A network that is actually
built for learning